SF Design Week 2019: The impact of AI and Social Media on people’s everyday lives

This event investigates the impact of new technology paradigms on people’s everyday lives: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Media, Algorithms… all are having now proven significant impact on our everyday lives.

In this panel discussion with renowned speakers from Google, Stanford, Berkeley/Amazon, LinkedIn, and Possible’s project on HateSpeech in Twitter, implications on Privacy, Public Discourse, and Digital Well-Being overall will be explored. Included is an interactive segment that will lead attendees through a “Red team/Blue team” exercise – a way to weed out potential “bad actors” that has been successfully employed at LinkedIn to combat potential misuse and abuse of the products we build.

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Maggie Stanphill 

UX Director, Google, Digital Wellbeing Initiative

As a UX Director at Google, she defines UX strategy for Google products and emerging interfaces (voice, chat, and virtual reality). She applied an interdisciplinary, empathic approach to designing products and experiences for the world’s most-respected brands, including Google, Nike, Expedia, Microsoft & more.


Jen King 

Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society

Dr. Jennifer King is the Director of Privacy at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society. An information scientist by training, Dr. King is a recognized expert and scholar in information privacy. She examines the public’s understanding and expectations of online privacy and the policy implications of emerging technologies. Her research sits at the intersection of human-computer interaction, law, and the social sciences, focusing on social media, genetic privacy, mobile platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital surveillance. Her scholarship has been recognized for its impact on policy making by the Future of Privacy Forum, and she has been an invited speaker before the Federal Trade Commission at several Commission workshops. She was a member of the California State Advisory Board on Mobile Privacy Policies and the California State RFID Advisory Board.


Shawn Herron

Experience Technology Director, Possible

As an Experience Technology Director at Possible, Shawn is leading progressive creative campaigns with a focus on experience design and earned media. “We Counter Hate” on Twitter, by Possible, presented by Shawn Herron. Possible launched “We Counter Hate” earlier this year after its creators discovered that, in 2017, there were more tweets involving messages of hate than Game of Thrones, Major League Baseball, the Super Bowl and the Grammys. The platform helps combat hate speech by turning retweets into donations that go toward organizations dedicated to fighting it, like Life After Hate. Possible teamed up with Spredfast to train A.I. technology to identify hatefluencers and use human moderation to respond to the hate that’s found. It’s radically outperformed expectations of identifying hate speech (91 per cent success) relative to a human moderator, and Possible is continuing to improve the model.


Michelle Carney

Berkeley Fellow, Amazon

Computational neuroscientist turned UX Practitioner, Michelle focuses in how data drives design decisions and how to design human-centered experiences for data science and machine learning. Organizer + Founder of www.meetup.com/mluxsf. Fellow, Center for Technology, Society & Policy and Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Group at Berkeley.


Stephanie Lucas 

“Red team, Blue team” lead, Sr Designer, LinkedIn

Stephanie Lucas is a Senior UX Designer at LinkedIn, where she’s been focused on trust, privacy and settings for over 4 years. She is passionate about helping others incorporate design ethics thinking and making safe products. She’s a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Women Talk Design, and recently was featured on the Voice of Design podcast discussing putting ethics into place in product design. She also publishes a bimonthly series “Responsible Design Notebook” on LinkedIn.


Interactivity with take-home kit, moderated by Stephanie Lucas

 “Red Team/Blue Team – Bad Actors”

In this segment, we’ll take a look at how tech product design culture has led to some bad decisions and processes in the past; and how the Design team at LinkedIn built a design culture that begins to correct course. We’ll discuss LinkedIn’s recent “Red Team Blue Team for Designers” workshops as an example of one way we can add a new mental muscle to how we approach design in our day to day work.

We’ll conduct a group activity where attendees will build materials that they can take back to their teams to begin conducting their own Red Team Blue Team workshop, including their own set of “bad actors” to use. Attendees will leave with what they need to get started in their own work contexts to weed out “bad actors” that they can identify with red team / blue workshops, using the kit they receive during this event here.


Daniela Busse 

San Francisco IxDA Leadership, Head of Research, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Daniela Busse (Ph.D.) focuses on research and incubation of breakthrough, design-led innovation and future experiences, at Oracle Marketing Cloud (as Head of Research), and prior to that at Citi Ventures (as Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships in the office of the Chief Innovation Officer). In the past, Daniela served as Design Futurist/Innovation Lab Director at Samsung Research America, as Experience Innovation Director at SAP’s Office of the CEO, and as Design Researcher at Microsoft’s Office Design Group. Through her award-winning work, she defines ground-breaking new uses and designs for technologies, for future roadmap ideation and product experience incubation. Daniela received her Ph.D. in Computing Science (Human-Computer Interaction/Cognitive Modeling) from Glasgow University (Scotland, UK), and also her summa cum laude degrees in both CS and Psychology. She holds multiple patents, is a sought-after speaker, and has published frequently in the field of Design, Research, and Innovation.

She is a Leader of IxDA – San Francisco, San Francisco’s IxD community of over 5000 members, and a total online network of over 10.000 Designers and design related professionals, students, educators, and thought-leaders in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


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