San Jose, CA


UI/UX Design Student


Savannah College of Art and Design


UI, User Centered Design, Motion Design


Hey there! I'm Serene, a graduate student from SCAD design management program, positively Seeking for the 2021 Summer UX Design internship! I Previously enrolled in CCA MFA interaction design program for two years. Portfolio www.sereneuxdesigner.com I'm a UI/UX designer who was a jewellery designer and maker with powerful illustration techniques and great visual design foundation. I identify myself as a FULL-STACK UX Designer. I could handle the work of the whole process from initial research to final Hi-fi prototype! In the 2020 summer, I've worked in a fintech start-up company based in Toronto, cooperated with the design team and developers to build our first personal financial management app from scratch! This summer, I also led our four designers team and won the 2020 UMO Design Best of the Academia shortlist! Also, we built a three design students team to attend the Adobe Creative Jam Hackathon in June, and spent two days to create a Hi-fi Desktop app interactive prototype successfully! Besides the strong background of UX/UI, I also accumulated the experience of app gamification and motion design.

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