Digital Psychology & Emotional Design - LIVE 9-Week Training (Fall 2021)

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - 3-day Course (San Jose)

  • Description:

    In 3-days, you’ll learn how to build more engaging websites, apps and campaigns by mastering the core lessons in digital psychology and behavioral design.



    In this class, you will learn to recognize and apply over 50 behavior change principles, build technologies from psychological design patterns and…

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Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience - 2-day Course (San Jose)

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    Over 2 days, this course will deepen your understanding of what emotions are and how they drive behavior and will teach you how to apply emotional design strategies to websites, apps, digital campaigns and more.


    You will gain mastery in building digital products that are inspiring and motivating. You will learn how emotions drive online behavior and build your experience…

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Come join us for an evening of fun & games with Designers up and down the West Coast, hosted by sister cities IxDA San Diego + IxDA San Francisco.
We'll play Design Bingo(c), chat about Design, get to connect with other Designers, be silly & serious, all at the same time.
BYOB if you wish, or bring your dinner, or just bring yourself - this is social time and it's all just about hanging out with your community, make new friends, learn a thing or two, and have fun!

7:00pm Welcome

7:15pm Design BINGO!

7:30pm BINGO share

7:40pm Chats and meets in the themed breakout rooms:

  • Remote collaborative work (tools and tricks)
  • How to lead design remotely
  • How to keep your sanity during covid (work-life balance)
  • Diversity and inclusion in design
  • Research work during COVID
  • Design career
  • Breaking into UX: how to get into UX career
  • Quarantine Qocktails
  • And more!

8:00pm Open evening for more mingling, chatting, and did anybody say Dance Party?

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