Digital Psychology & Emotional Design - LIVE 9-Week Training (Summer 2021)

Digital Psychology & Emotional Design - LIVE 9-Week Training (Fall 2021)

Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - 3-day Course (San Jose)

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    In 3-days, you’ll learn how to build more engaging websites, apps and campaigns by mastering the core lessons in digital psychology and behavioral design.



    In this class, you will learn to recognize and apply over 50 behavior change principles, build technologies from psychological design patterns and…

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Emotional Design Psychology & Neuroscience - 2-day Course (San Jose)

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    Over 2 days, this course will deepen your understanding of what emotions are and how they drive behavior and will teach you how to apply emotional design strategies to websites, apps, digital campaigns and more.


    You will gain mastery in building digital products that are inspiring and motivating. You will learn how emotions drive online behavior and build your experience…

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  • Nov 17, 2009 from 10:30am to 1:00pm
  • Location: McCann
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The new Mad Men come from Silicon Valley. The future of advertising is in digital media, as people stop reading newspapers and people turn off their TVs in favor of Facebook, advertising agencies are struggling to redefine themselves as fast as the audience their trying to reach. In the last few years we have seen agencies build IxD teams from scratch. But it has been a challenge for designers to insert themselves in the copywriter/art director led process. In this talk we will discuss why the IxD community needs to take notice and take this as a great opportunity for our discipline to move forward and learn from fellow creatives. We'll share winning strategies for including design thinking in an industry known for creating more problems than solving them. Panelists: Mauro Cavalletti - Executive Creative Director at RG/A San Francisco. Aynne Valencia - Former Product Design Director at AKQA San Francisco Jonathan Woytek- SVP, Director of User Experience at McCann / MRM Michael Lemme – Creative Director at Duncan/Channon Moderator: Guillermo Torres - Sr. Experience Designer at Adobe Topics include: - Design thinking vs. advertising - Building a UX team in Advertising - Developers and Designers, the new kids.- Process- User research vs. market research - Innovation vs. trends - When the product is the message - Agencies doing consumer websites- What can we learn from advertising - What advertising can learn from design Sponsored by Sprout