IxDD: Amber Case: Building Technology from the Human Out - Calm Technology, Humanity, and our Collective Future

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    Building Technology from the Human Out - Calm Technology, Humanity, and our Collective Future

    We've heard about human universals -- the need for belonging and for food, shelter and a challenge. But we do not have the same perspective on technology. For most of us, technology is a fast-moving target, and something that seems to rapidly change. We often forget how quickly the shininess of the new can fade. We can be left with…

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IxDD: Terry Irwin: Transition Design: An approach for addressing complex "wicked" problems and catalzying societal transitions toward more sustainable, long-term futures

IxDD: Rachel Beth Egenhoefer: Data Visualization for Behavior Change and Sustainable Cultures

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    Data Visualization for Behavior Change and Sustainable Cultures   

    The climate crisis has presented wicked problems around the world.  While some designers attempt to create new eco-products and green designs to minimize impact, the real issue designers need to tackle is human behavior change to create cultures of resiliency, regeneration, and respect. Visualizations of climate data can help us understand numbers and concepts that are otherwise too big to comprehend. …

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How Design Makes The World with Scott Berkun

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    Meet Scott Berkun, a bestselling author and popular speaker, to explore design impact on culture and sustainability in the world.

    About this Event

    Do you wish more people understood good design and valued good designers? And understood how we all benefit from shifting our culture to better understand sustainable design?

    Scott Berkun, author of the new book, How Design Makes The World, will share inspiring stories from the book that…

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Workshop with Indi Young. Listening Deeply – Understand People Before Solving Problems

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    Mini-workshop on how to build self-awareness and humility into the way you approach design research.


    About this event

    Empathy is not about trying to solve the problem, but trying to understand the person. In your work to support people your team is designing…

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Digital Psychology & Emotional Design - 8-Week Fall Term (Online)

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    Over 8-weeks, you’ll learn how to build psychology-driven technologies through a combination of two classes & LIVE tutorials. 


    LIVE Tutorials: Applied Behavioral Design

    This LIVE class guides you through the behavioral design process for any project you prefer. You’ll enjoy interactive lessons, experiential learning and an open virtual classroom where we go step-by-step through the…

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Psychology for Digital Behavior Change - San Jose (3-day Class)

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    Over 3 days, you'll learn how to apply psychology to human-centered websites, apps, and digital campaigns.

    This class will teach you how to translate psychology into digital products, through psychology-inspired wireframing, prototyping, and creative content.

    You will learn how to recognize and apply over 50 behavior change principles, learn psychological design patterns,…

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Emotional Design Psychology - San Jose (2-day Class)

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    Over 2 days, discover how to build emotionally intelligent websites, apps, content and campaigns based on the psychology and neuroscience of user emotion, motivation, cognition and behavior.

    Through plain language lessons and hands-on exercises, participants will deepen their understanding of the ways that emotions shape behavior, while advancing their ability to build empathetic and engaging…

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  • Aug 3, 2012 from 2:30am to 12:00pm
  • Location: San Francisco Art Institute
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Kicker Studio’s 3rd annual Device Design Day (D3) conference is August 3, 2012 at the San Francisco Art Institute. D3 2012 offers a full day of inspirational discussions that explore the product design frontier. Kicker Studio curated the program to highlight how natural user interface impacts design. By considering theory, best practices, and practical implications, D3 2012 will define what it means to make technology speak human. Leading innovators present talks throughout the first part of the day. During the second part of the day, attendees choose between two panels and a workshop where they have a chance to be more intimately involved in the conversation.

Tickets cost $399 and participants can register at http://devicedesignday.com

Speakers include:

-Tom Chi, Experience Lead at Google X

-Andrew Crow, Experience Design Director, GE Design & Experience

-John Feland, CEO & Founder, Argus Insights

-Nathan Hackstock, C-Founder & Creative Director, MATTER

-Susan Hosking, User Experience Strategist, Macadamian

-Karen Kaushansky, Principal Designer, Jawbone

-Stefan Klocek, Director, Interaction Design, Cooper

-Jody Medich, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Kicker Studio

-Andrew Milmoe, User Experience Planning, Coolaboratory

-Nathan Moody, Design Director, Stimulant

-Chris Noessel, Managing Director, Cooper

-Geoff Parker, Development Manager, Macadamian

-Greg Petroff, General Manager, GE Design & Experience

-Matt Powers, Senior Robotics Specialist, National Robotics Engineering Center

-Alan Rorie, Neuroscientist, Artist, Designer, Fabricator, Coder, Almost Scientific

-Tanya Vlach, Artist, EyeTanya

Kicker Studio, a product design consultancy, makes technology speak human. Kicker Studio creates meaningful, last relationships to products by creating interfaces that feel as natural as a conversation. They work with emerging technologies, such as voice, touch, haptics and gesture, to design natural and intuitive ways for users to access the power of today’s digital devices in their daily lives. Visit www.kickerstudio.com for more information.